Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Self Annihilation

The unseen tangled web of Immigration, Entitlements and America's illiberal markets.

America is at a cross roads. The twelvemonth 2050 is just around the corner and Academics and those concerned about the state pass all their clip debating none of import issues.

While debating the impracticality of deporting 12 to17 Million Illegal in the country, whether granting drivers licence do the jobs worst , other more than of import considerations travel by wayside.

Assimilation which looks to be everyone's solution to the at hand jobs with immigration- is just a minor nuisance. United States can defy ethnical differences among its Citizens. This issue is over-evaluated and Academics dwell under the semblance that it's the most of import point.

To continue America's manner of life there are 10 things we should be looking at ways to attain the ideal of Vitamin E Pluribus Unum:

1) Sexual Activity Crazy: a subjugated sexual activity thrust is indispensable for success. Politicians from interior metropolises either out of guilt, shame or indifference entertain slack demand for spirits or amusement license. So the vicinity is littered with spirits supplies and topographic points of enjoyment. Zoning laws are not followed. Young people are lured into frailties early at the disbursal of learning. Sexual Activity brainsick is enhanced by our civilization that is under the semblance that we are great lovers. This is a fraud of Divide et Impera.

2) Mahouts: depict in the lexicon as person who trains, thrusts and take attention of elephant. Mahouts start out early because in the hereafter they are the lone individual the elephant will listen to when they go mature. The equivalent in the Immigrant community is well meaning partisans and activists that manoeuvre the new immigrants thru the maze of societal programmes in America's illiberal markets.

3) Déjà vu: any big metropolitan metropolis like NYC and you see a 3rd human race atmosphere. The ground for this is that United States is developing quite a significant resistance Black Market for employment. These are industrious people that volition make anything to survive. They will never even effort to fall in Native America.

4) Entitlements and Darwinism: females on the windfall railroad train of entitlements and the work force that hunt them out have got got made possible the formation of new coinage of Work Force that have no purpose of acquiring gainful employment. Moslow's first three basic demands are met automatically - a)physiological b)safety necessitates c) belongingness and love need. Interesting adequate these Work Force are recognized in the community and the stigma looks to transport no shame. Known by name calling such as as crapula;mantenido and vividor.

5) Hypo-maniacs- Former coevals of Immigrants that came to our shores were characterized as delusional and slightly manic-depressive Hell set on making an impact in American industries. We now acquire those that get because of the bequest of the Family Re-unification Act. This alteration in paradigm will have got got profound impact on new industries and America's fight in a level world.

6) Warehousing- Our illiberal in-migration policies warrants that we have extra Work Force in the labour force. This 30-40% surplus can take part in the ever expanding Black market, the drug trade or Hunt for Women that unrecorded of the entitlement windfall train. Then we inquire why out of marriage births are at 70% inch the minority community.

7) Schadenfreude - perhaps the most unsafe facet of immigration. We are breeding bitterness in the minority community by actions such as as Profiling, awful Educational system and mass media actions. In the twelvemonth 2050 when minorities go the bulk there may be a payback. This is most apparent in the manner everything in United States picks up a racial tone. 8) Politicians- are more than concern with appeasing the masses. They pimp to the racial watershed by fraud. The continuance of programmes such as as Bilingual instruction and ESL are premier examples. Eating the creative activity of a caste system in America.

9) Predators- there are a batch of concerns whose predatory patterns on immigrants and minorities is their hard cash cow. From income taxation services to loaning institutions. Payday loans being the most recent to come in the profitable field. One-Third human race states are known for they're illiberal marketplace pattern and allowing the ascendant minority to bring mayhem on the masses.

10) Trust monetary fund baby- A per centum of the population that is forever dependent on the offal of the entitlement gravy- train. We must happen a manner to convey some out of this sad legacy.

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